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Gorgeous Interiors Covered In Vibrant Orange For Refreshing Atmosphere

Vibrant, refreshing, and eye-catching. Those words are not enough to picture vibrant orange as the wonderful hues. Putting this color into your house means create new refreshing atmosphere as in paradise. How could I say that? You will get the answer after finishing read this. Today I

Wooden Flooring In Modern Apartment For Warm Ambience

There is no doubt that wooden flooring evokes warm ambience at home. So no wonder if wooden flooring also applied in modern apartment to make the occupant feel comfortable and warm. Incorporating wooden floor with stunning yet elegant and modern furniture, this apartment designed with special effect

Bright White In Breathtaking Swedish Home Design For Futuristic Vibe

Fantastic and futuristic. That is all I can say when I see Swedish home design painted in bright white. Completed with modern furniture, this home becomes breathtaking and gorgeous. The living space designed minimalist with dark flooring and combined with bright brown coffee table. The stunning grey

The Greatest IKEA’s Living Space Design Ideas

Not to mention, IKEA is one of the best designers for home design. It is proven by their best selling product whole the world. And talking about IKEA can’t be separated from interior design. Today, I have best of the best of IKEA’s designs in term of

Fluorescent Coral Lamps To Beautify Your Contemporary House

Lighting in the contemporary house must be thinking by the owner of the house to reinforce the modern vibe. It is because lighting has a big role to liven up your house. And today, I bring the unconventional lamp to make your house lovelier. Coral lamps, this

Stunning Wall Partition Designs With Pretentious Style

It is important to divide one room with another with partition to keep the privacy. However, you can use the permanent or impermanent partition in your home. Both permanent and impermanent are useful and very functional not only to divide the room to create new space but

Hypnotizing Bedroom Basement Decoration With Rainbow Colors

Throw away your mind set that basement is as horrified as it is scaring. Start from today after you finish reading this, you can décor your basement and totally change it becomes the colorful bedroom in basement. The colors, decoration, layout, and wall painting of this bedroom

Audacious Living Space Layouts Evoke Ingenious Atmosphere Utilizing Brick Walls

When you decided to décor your living space, there are some cases that need to be considered whether you want to make it classic, retro, or futuristic as the theme. After that, you need to concern about wall painting, furniture, ceiling and flooring. Then, it a must

Beautiful Lighting Using Stunning Chandeliers

Interior design has a big role to create what theme your home to be. From the ceiling to flooring, every single thing must be perfect whether you are going to make your home classic or futuristic. And one of the interior design that has a big influence

Go Bold, Go Extraordinary: Sleek Bold Color, Pattern, And Bold Form Design Ideas

Contemporary homes today use bold color to perfect their design. Many people believe that bold color at home makes the occupants more vivacious. So, no wonder if bold accent used in some furniture whether the color, pattern, or bold form. Bold colors in furniture mostly use in