Designing home as cabin is an innovative and creative idea. It is because not all people want to have a little home that can make them harder to decorate it. In contrast, the people who intentionally want to design their home like a cabin, known what exactly what they have to do. Then, we’ve found that stunning small cabin designed beautifully.

For the living area, you don’t need to think too much about the design and decoration. Here all you need is make it refreshing by putting the useful furnishings only. Use lean sofa or sleek chairs in the living area. Then, you can complete it with chic coffee table either wooden or industrial steel coffee table. To create balmy sensation, you can add potted plant or wall garden vertically, shown picture. Need storage or shelves to keep your stuffs? Checkthis rustic wooden storage combining with alluring industrial shelves above the storage. Don’t you think it is a unique combination?

Next, we move to dining area and kitchen island. Dining area and kitchen island in small cabin will be better if you set in one area. That trick will not only save the space but also make that area more spacious. To enhance the rustic modern vibe in the kitchen area, you can design it by combining wooden material for the dining table set and industrial steel for the cabinet. If you want more, put the hardwood tile.

Then, for the bedroom design, you can use bunk bed for kids’ room. Then, paint it with bright hues like white or other and try to paint the same color for the wall and ceiling to create hi-effect for the room. However, for your bedroom, you can design it with wooden wall and tile, and then add a stunning bedroom with comfy comforter. For another room, take a look at the pictures. It will definitely inspire.