Lighting in the contemporary house must be thinking by the owner of the house to reinforce the modern vibe. It is because lighting has a big role to liven up your house. And today, I bring the unconventional lamp to make your house lovelier. Coral lamps, this is specially created by Lagranja Design; beautiful lamps designed as coral to perfect your trendy house. Moreover, the colors of the lamps are stunning and interesting.

Talking about color, there is coral lamp in white color. This color concealsthe lamp inside so that this lamp looks like hanging coral without any lamp inside the coral. Besides, there is also white coral lamp with touch of orange. The usage of orange in this lamp gives special effect to the lighting in the room. Then, there is also available in dark color, black coral lamp. Believe it or not, glistening lamp in the black coral evokes elegant and beautiful for your room.

However, the coral lamps not only designed as the chandelier. But, these lamps also designed as floor lamp and table lamp. All chandelier, floor lamp, and table lamp can be placed in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or in your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to use it because this lamp will purely make your house fabulous. Don’t you wanna pick these stunning coral lamps into your house or give it to your best friend as the special gift?