Contemporary homes today use bold color to perfect their design. Many people believe that bold color at home makes the occupants more vivacious. So, no wonder if bold accent used in some furniture whether the color, pattern, or bold form.

Bold colors in furniture mostly use in sofa, chair, storage, or table. Even though one bold color can be combined with anther bold color, you must make sure for the harmonization of the colors when you decided to use them in your home. On the other hands, it will be more perfect if you incorporating bold color with soft colors. It is because the soft colors will automatically reinforce the bold color then it will liven up the room.

Another bold which complements contemporary home is bold pattern. The bold pattern in the furniture or ornaments will evoke modern vibe in your house. Look at the patterned single sofa for a while. The bold pattern of red flowers combining with grey and wooden legs brings pop ambience. Then for the patterned coasters, it designed uniquely and looks fluorescent. The chic box with triangle patterns is also eye-catching. Hey look! Don’t you think the love wall arts look sleek?

We ended this with bold forms of unique blue table which swivel independently and exquisite octagon showcases. Those stunning things will make your home purely fabulous and contemporary, indeed.