Throw away your mind set that basement is as horrified as it is scaring. Start from today after you finish reading this, you can décor your basement and totally change it becomes the colorful bedroom in basement. The colors, decoration, layout, and wall painting of this bedroom basement are captivating yet breathtaking. You won’t even believe that this bedroom designed in basement if I don’t tell you before, do you?

We begin with the furniture. The chartreuse chairs in this bedroom basement bring the refreshing atmosphere. In contrast, the color of atop table that is used to complement the chairs adds cozy vibe in this space. However, the table legs color is matched to the color of the chairs, chartreuse, which make the table set wonderful.

Then, there is wooden storage that bring warm atmosphere in the middle of cool colors of other furniture. The utilization of glass as the windows with patterned curtains make the bedroom basement looks brighter since the sun light comes into the room naturally. Talking about pattern, the wall behind the bed also paint as bright as colorful. The whimsical combination of the wall murals brings happiness to everybody who enters this room.

To perfect the colorful ambience of this bedroom basement, it is completed with rainbow bedding with comfy comforter also patterned pillows. More than that, the stunning bedside incorporated with cozy table lamp makes this room brighter. Then, the additional colorful carpet close to the bathroom perfects the happiness of this room.