Not to mention, IKEA is one of the best designers for home design. It is proven by their best selling product whole the world. And talking about IKEA can’t be separated from interior design. Today, I have best of the best of IKEA’s designs in term of living space. Form the minimalist to gorgeous design, I allow you to pick one of them to put into your living space.

These greatest designs of living space decorated with stylish furniture. The seating that is use like sofa has wonderful colors. There are modern white sofa, red and white polka sofa, bold pink, orange, and so on. To complement the seating, IKEA puts stunning table. It is all perfectly combined and matching, for sure.Then, to perfect the living space, they give a soft touch with lovely and sleek rug or carpet. Do you think so?

Also, for the lighting, IKEA gives alluring pendant lamps or table lamps. That is just simple, as simple as it is futuristic. Moreover, the living spaces are not only just as living area. Please note the picture and don’t let youmissed even one thing because all the combination in IKEA’s designs is perfectly décor.Now I totally believe that at least one of those designs of living space inspires you to décor your living space.